Daycare Injuries


Texas Daycare Injury and Abuse Attorney

Leaving a child in a day care facility is not an easy decision. Parents must trust that the childcare facility they select will provide a safe environment and that the employees charged with watching over their children will be competent, properly trained and supervised. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and children are injured because of inadequate supervision and training, or even worse, physical or sexual abuse.

Warning Signs

Information about licensed day care facilities is available online, including whether a facility has violated state regulations. Although day care facilities are required to self-report certain types of incidents, including serious injury, criminal activity and dangerous conditions, not all day care facilities comply with this requirement. If your child has sustained a serious injury or if you note an unsafe condition, you should report the incident to your local child care licensing office.

All employees in day care facilities must be screened and receive a thorough background check. However, sometimes day care employers neglect to thoroughly screen their employees. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services provides information about the screening of day care workers.

Day Care Abuse and Neglect Attorney

The Geisler Law Firm represents parents and children throughout Texas in day care injury and abuse cases. If your child has been injured or abused, contact the Geisler Law Firm for a consultation to help determine your legal rights and remedies.